About Silvestri & Comfort Family Dentistry

Our History

Silvestri & Comfort Family Dentistry

The history of our practice here on Plaza Drive in Vestal, New York started back in the year of 1971 when Dr. Arnold Loew and Dr. Robert Levey decided to become business partners and purchased the undeveloped land from the Lutheran Church that is currently behind our office. From there, they hired an architect, Gene Beautz who clearly had a vision into the future dental office we now know as Silvestri & Comfort Family Dentistry. As he clearly stated to Dr. Loew in the early stages of planning, “You worry about dentistry, I’ll worry about architecture.” the foundation was set for one of the first buildings to be constructed on the undeveloped Plaza Drive. The practice opened in the same year with Dr. Loew providing quality dental care to many of the patients and families we still provide for today.

Dr. Mario Silvestri was welcomed into the practice by Dr. Loew in the year 1990 and shortly after, a partnership was formed between the two doctors. After providing care to patients for over thirty years, Dr. Loew retired from dentistry in 1996 to enjoy his family, the Florida sunshine, golf courses and teach the dental hygiene department at the local community college.

Silvestri & Comfort Family Dentistry

Over the years, Dr. Silvestri welcomed associates to the practice who continued to uphold the high standards of care instilled in him by Dr. Arnie Loew. Dr. Lowe's son Darren, spent two years treating patients on Plaza Drive before fulfilling his dream of becoming and orthodontist. Dr. Craig Colas also practiced as an associate with the practice for a few years before finding his calling as a dentist to hose in our community with special needs at Broome Developmental Center.

Dr. Joel Carangelo joined Dr. Silvestri in 1999 and eventually became a partner in the Practice. Silvestri & Carangelo Dental Associates ushered the practice into the new millennium with the addition of office computers, digital x-rays and the retirement of the orange foam couch and rainbow artwork in the reception area and bathrooms.

Dr. Carangelo announced in 2009 that he was relocating his family to the Rochester, NY area. This opened the door for the addition of a new, young associate.

Dr. Ryan Comfort was welcomed to the practice in the summer of 2010. It was evident from the beginning that Dr. Comfort shared our core values and beliefs and could help us write the next chapter of our story. He became a partner in the practice in July of 2012 and Silvestri Dental & Associates became Silvestri Comfort Family Dentistry.

In August of 2015, Drs. Silvestri and Comfort welcomed Vestal native Dr. Justin Birdsall to their practice. The addition of Dr. Birdsall solidifies our future as a premier oral health care center.