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Our Team

Silvestri & Comfort Family Dentistry

Here at Silvestri & Comfort Family Dentistry, our entire team is committed to our philosophy in that we are here to provide high quality dental care and patient comfort to every age group and every member of your family.

Our registered dental hygienists are required to be licensed in New York State following a two year college program and must complete mandatory continuing education courses to stay current with their licensure. We also are fortunate to have hygienists at our practice who are also certified to administer nitrous and local anesthesia to patients.

Silvestri & Comfort Family Dentistry

Our entire team is also professionally CPR trained and certified which allows the team to use our on-site AED (Automated External Defibrillator) if ever needed in a cardiac emergency. Our team is also trained and in compliance with OSHA in infection control requirements which means a safer and cleaner dental office for you and your family. We take seriously the need to continually educate ourselves as individuals and as a team for the reason that it will only enable us to provide the high quality of dental care you expect from us here at Silvestri & Comfort Family Dentistry. We are very proud of our team’s commitment to providing extraordinary care and extraordinary smiles.